The countdown is on!! Less then half of the year left with only 24 weeks till the big day! Here at the North Pole, July marks a turning point for us. It is like going up and up and up on a rollercoaster, then July is that tipping point where we starting rushing downhill. From here till the big day, time seems to speed up. Christmas feels like it is coming at us faster and faster. Does it feel that way to you guys.

Okay some updates from the North Pole: Mary Sprinkles (our kitchen elf) has had to switch us all back to cocoa. Some of the elves felt that drinking coffee was making us a bit… cranky. And after being moved back to cocoa, I think that they were right. (Personally it did not affect me that way). Mrs Claus is busy making a new recipe for dessert this winter. It is top secret and she is not letting anyone know what it will be. (Be sure to check back on the recipe section for when she announces it). And the reindeer seemed to have gained some weight since last Christmas so they are busy working out and getting back into flying shape this summer.

I think that covers all of our news. Keep being nice, and those that have been a bit naughty; there is still plenty of time to get moved to the nice list.

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