There are only 75 days left till Christmas!!!

Now I know that is not the big news that you are hoping to read about. But for those of us up here, it is a very big deal. We are in the home stretch and coming in close to the big day. Less then three months for us to finish up everything that we need to do. And the reindeer are no where near in shape or ready to take flight.

Okay but the big news that you all are waiting for……. we have a new record for the amount of kids on the nice list!!! That is right, this year is a new record high. All of you boys and girls are being so good this year. And we are more then proud of you all. There are lots of you that worked really hard this year to be on the nice, and it really paid off. Last year was a great year for everyone, but this year you guys topped it!!! Everyone should be so proud of themselves.

Now the work does not stop now. All you boys and girl need to keep up the good work, so you can stay on the nice list. And if you are worried that you might be on the other list, there is still a little bit of time to move over. But you need to act fast, cause Santa will be checking that list twice soon.

Good job to everyone!!!

One Response to “Big Day Here At The North Pole”

  1. Mike Macali
    10:55 pm on November 5th, 2017

    I am a big fan of you even at 35

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