Oh my it is certainly a busy time of year up here at the North Pole! We love making all the presents, and by now most of them are made. Just working on painting and sewing at this point. We are gearing up for to busiest year yet. All of you boys and girls have been so good, that our good list has never been so long. But that does not mean that it is time to stop all your good deeds. Keep it up!!

2 Responses to “Busy Busy Here at the North Pole”

  1. Cayden
    6:39 am on November 13th, 2016

    Hey santa how cold is it at the North Pole

  2. Santa's Helper
    12:54 pm on November 20th, 2016

    It is unseasonably warm here at the North Pole this year. But we always have our magic dome over the workshop and village. That way the elves (and Mrs Claus) stay nice and warm no matter the freezing temperatures outside.

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