With Christmas Eve being tomorrow, here at the North Pole we are busy loading up the sleigh. It takes quite a while to get everything to fit into a single seat in the sleigh. Thank goodness we have some space engineer elves to help out with that. Along with some extra special Christmas Magic. But it does take some time to get everything all properly set up.

Then we have one last training with the reindeer. Prancer has been trying to be lead reindeer for the last three Christmases. We have to keep telling him that Rudolf needs to be in the lead because of his red nose, but Prancer is convinced that he is going to be able to lead the sleigh one year. I guess with Christmas magic anything is possible; but for this year, Rudolf is still going to be lead the sleigh.

After that, we are going to run through all the new upgrades with Santa’s sleigh with him. There are some fun new additions this year. Before he had a cocoa maker on board (sometimes he likes to dip his cookies into it), but this year he can add some marshmallows to his cocoa. While this may not seem like big news to you; Santa is going to be very excited about it.

And then we are done and everyone will be on their way.

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