Hopefully every had a “NICE” break the last six month. Us Elves certainly have had a great time. Santa was so insistent that we all took last weekend off. And let us all have a little party up here at the North Pole. It was such a nice surprise. While all of the elves got to have some fun, poor Mary Cupcakes had to still work the kitchen. But she made us an amazing meal: turkey, fresh bread, fruit pudding, potatoes, green beans. Oh the list could keep going, but I am making myself hungry again just thinking about it. And the desserts, we can’t forget those: cupcakes, full cakes, cookies, hot cocoa, little bite sized snacks and fresh made candies. She really over did herself.

But now we are all back to working, and working full time. While we work all year long on lots of toys; we are now getting started on some of the more specific toys that all the good boys and girls have started to request. Have you been good or naughty so far this year? Don’t worry there is still time to make it to the good list.

Well Mary Cupcakes is bringing over a new pot of peppermint coffee and I should be getting back to the factory.

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