Did you know that the North Pole celebrates Halloween too?? Oh yes, it is one of the few holidays that we take off. And something that we look forward to every year. You might be wondering what Elves do for Halloween. Well we do all the typical stuff that everyone else does. We decorate with bats and spiders. We go trick or treating for candy (and sometimes cookies). We play tricks on each other. Just have a great day full of fun and cheer. But the best part about Halloween for us is, getting to get dressed up.

Now this is not like one or two of us get in the spirit. Oh no, that would be to easy. We ALL get dressed up. All 645 of us elves (as well as Santa and Mrs Claus). Then to top it all off, we all dress in the same theme. Try getting 645 elves to agree on a theme. It is normally pretty hard. This year though, we all knew what we were wanting to be. Are you ready for it?

This year, all the elves are going to be SMURFS!! That is right, the North Pole is going to be changing into Smurf Village for the night. It is going to be so much fun. We are really excited and have already started to work on transforming the whole town, and really working on our costumes.

What are all of you boys and girls going to be?

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