The countdown is on!! Less then half of the year left with only 24 weeks till the big day! Here at the North Pole, July marks a turning point for us. It is like going up and up and up on a rollercoaster, then July is that tipping point where we starting rushing downhill. From here till the big day, time seems to speed up. Christmas feels like it is coming at us faster and faster. Does it feel that way to you guys.

Okay some updates from the North Pole: Mary Sprinkles (our kitchen elf) has had to switch us all back to cocoa. Some of the elves felt that drinking coffee was making us a bit… cranky. And after being moved back to cocoa, I think that they were right. (Personally it did not affect me that way). Mrs Claus is busy making a new recipe for dessert this winter. It is top secret and she is not letting anyone know what it will be. (Be sure to check back on the recipe section for when she announces it). And the reindeer seemed to have gained some weight since last Christmas so they are busy working out and getting back into flying shape this summer.

I think that covers all of our news. Keep being nice, and those that have been a bit naughty; there is still plenty of time to get moved to the nice list.

Hopefully every had a “NICE” break the last six month. Us Elves certainly have had a great time. Santa was so insistent that we all took last weekend off. And let us all have a little party up here at the North Pole. It was such a nice surprise. While all of the elves got to have some fun, poor Mary Cupcakes had to still work the kitchen. But she made us an amazing meal: turkey, fresh bread, fruit pudding, potatoes, green beans. Oh the list could keep going, but I am making myself hungry again just thinking about it. And the desserts, we can’t forget those: cupcakes, full cakes, cookies, hot cocoa, little bite sized snacks and fresh made candies. She really over did herself.

But now we are all back to working, and working full time. While we work all year long on lots of toys; we are now getting started on some of the more specific toys that all the good boys and girls have started to request. Have you been good or naughty so far this year? Don’t worry there is still time to make it to the good list.

Well Mary Cupcakes is bringing over a new pot of peppermint coffee and I should be getting back to the factory.

Are you ready for summer? With Memorial Day right this weekend, everyone is thinking about swimming, barbecue, tan lines. Does this sound familiar to you? Here at the North Pole we are getting ramped up for another season. While we build toys all year long, this time of year we really start to get going. Making more personalized toys for those on the good list. Making specialized items for those that want something more unique.

And earlier this week, we just got in the first draft of “The List”!!! Have you been naughty or nice this year so far? If you have been a bit naughty, there is nothing to worry about. There is still plenty of time for you to work on being moved to the nice list. Nothing is set in stone but it does give us Elves a good starting point for us to really start buckling down.


It was a crazy year. So many children on the nice list this year, which made for lots and lots of extra toys. All the elves at the North Pole were so happy to make them all. Some quick news from the North Pole:

  • Santa made it back to the North Pole in record time
  • All the toys got delivered without any problems
  • Mrs Claus was good as new and was able to greet Santa once he returned
  • And all the elves have switched from hot cocoa to eggnog for the rest of the year!

From now till the start of 2017, we elves are off and looking forward to some much needed rest. Santa and Mrs Claus will be staying at the North Pole, but are resting in the luxury of their log cabin for their time off.

Thank you to all the children for being so good. It was a pleasure to make your presents.

PS- Don’t forget to call Santa and say Thank You. It is just polite, plus he loves hearing that you enjoyed your new gifts.


And the sleigh has left, Santa is on his way to deliver presents to all the children of the world. The elves are having a party up here to celebrate having another year of making toys and getting Santa off on time.


With Christmas Eve being tomorrow, here at the North Pole we are busy loading up the sleigh. It takes quite a while to get everything to fit into a single seat in the sleigh. Thank goodness we have some space engineer elves to help out with that. Along with some extra special Christmas Magic. But it does take some time to get everything all properly set up.

Then we have one last training with the reindeer. Prancer has been trying to be lead reindeer for the last three Christmases. We have to keep telling him that Rudolf needs to be in the lead because of his red nose, but Prancer is convinced that he is going to be able to lead the sleigh one year. I guess with Christmas magic anything is possible; but for this year, Rudolf is still going to be lead the sleigh.

After that, we are going to run through all the new upgrades with Santa’s sleigh with him. There are some fun new additions this year. Before he had a cocoa maker on board (sometimes he likes to dip his cookies into it), but this year he can add some marshmallows to his cocoa. While this may not seem like big news to you; Santa is going to be very excited about it.

And then we are done and everyone will be on their way.


This was interesting! The elves always want to know what everyone’s favorite movies are. We found this and are┬ásuper excited to now know (at least in the US) what they are!!! Hope you have fun with it too

Only 5 Days

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Oh my the count down is really on now. We are so busy here at the North Pole. With only 5 days left, we are starting to get behind. There is just so much to do and more children being moved over to the nice list every day!

In other news, Mrs Claus is all back to being healthy. Thanks to Miss Sugarplum’s special hot cocoa, she recovered extremely fast.

Back to the toy workshop!! Keep those lists coming in.



9 Days till Christmas

With only 9 days until Christmas, there are only a few days left for all the elves up here at the North Pole to finish wrapping up all the presents. We are running on hot cocoa, sugar cookies and lots of Christmas magic. There is so much to do. Even Miss Sugarplum (our head kitchen elf) is working around the clock to keep us toys elves stocked up on all the best sweets. It is a very crazy time of year, good thing we don’t need a lot of sleep.

Santa, or the big guy as we call him around here, is checking his list twice. He was on top of the first go through of it, had that done in record time. But there are so many of you girls and boys that are working hard to be moved over to the nice list, that checking it twice is taking longer then normal. Good for you all!!! We love seeing how many nice little children there are this year.

And poor Mrs. Claus is getting over a little cold. But she will be back in no time at all.

That wraps up all the news going on up here at the North Pole. Keep getting those lists into us. We want you to have the best Christmas’s ever.


Oh my! Only 10 days left till all the children around the world wake up to see what Santa leaves for them. That means only 9 days till the big man…. I mean Santa.. needs to take off. That means only 8 days left to make the toys (cause we do need a day to load the sleigh). So very much to do in so little time.

Up here at the North Pole we elves are busy putting the final touches on all the presents. And starting to get them all wrapped. But don’t worry, if you have not yet let us know what you are wanting. Just give us a call and we can get your order to Santa.

I am smelling something wonderful. The kitchen elves just pulled out a fresh batch of sugar cookies. Gotta go get one before the rest of the elves (and mostly Santa) steal them all.

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