Only 5 Days

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Oh my the count down is really on now. We are so busy here at the North Pole. With only 5 days left, we are starting to get behind. There is just so much to do and more children being moved over to the nice list every day!

In other news, Mrs Claus is all back to being healthy. Thanks to Miss Sugarplum’s special hot cocoa, she recovered extremely fast.

Back to the toy workshop!! Keep those lists coming in.



9 Days till Christmas

With only 9 days until Christmas, there are only a few days left for all the elves up here at the North Pole to finish wrapping up all the presents. We are running on hot cocoa, sugar cookies and lots of Christmas magic. There is so much to do. Even Miss Sugarplum (our head kitchen elf) is working around the clock to keep us toys elves stocked up on all the best sweets. It is a very crazy time of year, good thing we don’t need a lot of sleep.

Santa, or the big guy as we call him around here, is checking his list twice. He was on top of the first go through of it, had that done in record time. But there are so many of you girls and boys that are working hard to be moved over to the nice list, that checking it twice is taking longer then normal. Good for you all!!! We love seeing how many nice little children there are this year.

And poor Mrs. Claus is getting over a little cold. But she will be back in no time at all.

That wraps up all the news going on up here at the North Pole. Keep getting those lists into us. We want you to have the best Christmas’s ever.


Oh my! Only 10 days left till all the children around the world wake up to see what Santa leaves for them. That means only 9 days till the big man…. I mean Santa.. needs to take off. That means only 8 days left to make the toys (cause we do need a day to load the sleigh). So very much to do in so little time.

Up here at the North Pole we elves are busy putting the final touches on all the presents. And starting to get them all wrapped. But don’t worry, if you have not yet let us know what you are wanting. Just give us a call and we can get your order to Santa.

I am smelling something wonderful. The kitchen elves just pulled out a fresh batch of sugar cookies. Gotta go get one before the rest of the elves (and mostly Santa) steal them all.


Here is a quick game for all of you? I bet all the kids can get this easy, but can you adults get it all right? Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer? And……… GO!!!!!!


Did you do it? Well in case you need some help:


Well did you know that Santa has a few other reindeer around the North Pole? They are here just in case one of main reindeer come down with a cold, or eat to many cookies. Do you know what their names are? It’s okay, not many people do. They are: Star, Dash (not to be confused with Dasher), Twinkie, Chocolate, and don’t forget Cherry. They may not get as much attention as the other ones, and there are no songs/books about them. But they are just as important around here.


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Did you get the memo? IT IS DECEMBER!!! Can you believe that Christmas is this month? Where has the year gone? Well wherever it went, we are here now. And we are in overdrive here at the North Pole. Things are turning around nicely and we are on track. Just don’t tell Santa, otherwise he will get worried that something will go awry. Shhh. It can be our little secret.


Have you had a moment to check out the dessert page lately? Santa’s elf Peppermint Twinkle got so excited about it being cookie season, that she went around and got everyone’e favorite cookie recipe and posted them. You will find Santa’s favorite, Mrs Claus, and the Elves. There are some very tasty treats over there. Click here and you will be taken to the right page.


Even though all of us are very very busy up here at the North Pole, we wanted to send a little hello to everyone. We have loved reading all the children’s letters (even if we have not responded to all of them). But we are getting so close to the big day, so be sure that if you still need to get your wish list into us, then call us! Keep in mind that we are so busy here, and Santa is not always at home. Just leave us a message with your list!! That will make things so much easier for everyone. Thank you


Oh My! Oh My! Oh My! Time is getting away from us. There is only 100 days till Christmas! Can you believe that? Oh I just love this time of year. The hustle, the bustle and don’t forget the hot cocoa! Santa likes his with marshmallows. Better get back to work, there is so much to do.


Oh my it is certainly a busy time of year up here at the North Pole! We love making all the presents, and by now most of them are made. Just working on painting and sewing at this point. We are gearing up for to busiest year yet. All of you boys and girls have been so good, that our good list has never been so long. But that does not mean that it is time to stop all your good deeds. Keep it up!!

Stay tuned for some new great things this 2016 season! 105 Days Until Christmas!

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