Prep Teams Are A Go

December 24, 2020 - Uncategorized

Christmas Eve….. Busy busy. Everyone knows that Santa is busy, he of coarse delivers all the presents to the children on the nice list all around the world. Everyone knows that the elves are busy getting the last of the Christmas presents put on the sleigh (or even still in wrapping).

But how about the Prep teams?? Have you heard of the Prep Team? This is a special groups of highly trained elves that go out BEFORE Santa and make sure that the coast is clear.

They are going to check everything from weather, to roof conditions, to making sure the reindeer have enough room to land. They are so important to making sure that the big guys job goes smoothly.

So if you are looking close today, make sure you are paying attention to little things that seem to twinkle out and about today. You may just see one of these elves.

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