T-Minus 14 Days

December 12, 2020 - Uncategorized

Wow can you believe that we are 2 weeks (or if you’re counting down by the days, its 14 days) till Christmas!!! This is crunch time for all of us here at the North Pole.

Up here, this time of year, we are surviving on hot cocoa and sugar cookies. Well the Elves are, Mrs Claus is still trying to get Santa to eat his veggies. She says that it’s good for him; and all the elves. But I think she is accepting that she is losing that battle.

Here is the recipe that we are using for Santa’s hot Cocoa (click here). He loves the little bit of mocha sauce that Mrs Claus puts in there. The elves find it a little too strong. And that is saying something!

Everyone can agree on these sugar cookies though (click here). They are simply delish!!

Give those a try (or leave them by your stockings for Santa, and don’t forget some carrots for the reindeers) and let us know what your thoughts are. Hopefully they will be your favorites too.

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