It was a crazy year. So many children on the nice list this year, which made for lots and lots of extra toys. All the elves at the North Pole were so happy to make them all. Some quick news from the North Pole:

  • Santa made it back to the North Pole in record time
  • All the toys got delivered without any problems
  • Mrs Claus was good as new and was able to greet Santa once he returned
  • And all the elves have switched from hot cocoa to eggnog for the rest of the year!

From now till the start of 2017, we elves are off and looking forward to some much needed rest. Santa and Mrs Claus will be staying at the North Pole, but are resting in the luxury of their log cabin for their time off.

Thank you to all the children for being so good. It was a pleasure to make your presents.

PS- Don’t forget to call Santa and say Thank You. It is just polite, plus he loves hearing that you enjoyed your new gifts.

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